Loyalty Forum Overview

The NPS Loyalty Forum enables members to:

  • Establish and share best practices
  • Access benchmark data
  • Set a common Net Promoter vocabulary, standards and guidelines
  • Encourage management teams and investors to value and use the Net Promoter System as an essential tool in making and measuring progress in driving profitable organic growth

Some of the current Forum members include:

Some of the current Forum members

Member Meetings

Participation in member meetings is one of the most important ways our members use the NPS Loyalty Forum to accelerate their progress in executing world-class customer loyalty programs.

Convened quarterly, Forum meetings provide a structured venue for the Member's most senior executive responsible for customer loyalty. Each meeting focuses on a particular issue central to successful implementation of the NPS discipline or related customer loyalty programs.

In advance of each meeting, subject matter experts, including Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey, prepare presentations and reports documenting how the world's loyalty leaders approach a given implementation issue. Member companies may complete a self-assessment designed to identify performance gaps. Gaps and gap-closing strategies are reviewed and discussed during the meeting in ways that help members accelerate their progress on the most pressing issues and challenges.

Members also have access to a variety of data and analysis that will be beneficial to their customer loyalty efforts:

  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Best practices database
  • NPS Loyalty Forum member website, blogs, and online discussion forum
  • Vendor database, with members' comments and ratings

For companies seeking ways to accelerate their efforts to earn the loyalty of their customers, the NPS Loyalty Forum provides unmatched access to the best practices.